JustRust.eu - FAQ



  • Where can I find the wipe schedules?
  • - The wipe shedules are posted on our discord server.

  • What are the benefits of VIP?
  • - Skip queue, Discord VIP role (access to a vip only chat), in-game VIP chat tag, preview the next map before wipe.

  • Where does the money from all donations go?
  • - On my PayPal account. Just kidding, every donation helps us keep our servers up and running and even open new ones.

  • Where can I report a player? / I need admin support!
  • - Join our discord server, open a ticket and complete the form. Admins aren't always replying to tickets, however the ticket is in progress. Please note that tickets without evidence (proof) will take longer to check & reply.

  • The entire server has F7 reported a cheater and he is still NOT banned!!! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!
  • - F7 reports DO NOT get sent to us.



    • Use of third party applications to gain an advantage will result in a permanent ban. (Cheats)
    • Teaming with a cheater will result in a permanent ban. (Cheater association)
    • Abusing a game exploit, depending on the severity will result in a ban.
    • Respect the group limit, alliances aren't allowed.
    • Players with more than 2 VAC/GAME ban won't be able to join the server.
    • Players who haven't setup their steam profile won't be able to join the server.
    • Players with a VAC/GAME ban in the last 20 days won't be able to join the server.


    • Impersonating an admin, depending on the level of intent will result in a ban.
    • No threats of personal nature or towards the server.
    • No advertising/self promotion.
    • Try to speak only english in global chat.
    • No racism.

    Group Limit:

    • Respect the group limit, aliances/friendly neightbors are not allowed.
    • All trades must be made throught a shop front/vending machine or in a safe-zone (bandit camp/outpost/fishing village/barns)
    • If you want to switch a teammate you need to do all the below:
    • - Destroy his sleeping bags;
    • - Clear all your Tool Cupboards;
    • - Change all your base codes;
    • - Kill him if he's sleeping inside your base;
    • The teammate who got kicked is not allowed to rejoin the team untill the wipe ends. You cannot switch more than 2 teammates per wipe.